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From Kings to Paupers & Back – Elvis Presley’s Ancestral Journey April 19, 2008

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A lipThe Ancestral Journey of Elvis Aaron Presley (and his descendants) as documented in the Hollywood Edition of The Family Forest (TM).

To begin, here is the announcement of the discovery of Elvis’ descent from English Kings from the recent press release:

     News Release: 

Elvis Presley’s ancestors link Lisa Marie Presley and her children to Royalty, according to the co-founder of the Family Forest® Project.

Kamuela, Hawaii  Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc., the world’s foremost resource for researching deep family history via its proprietary Family Forest® Project, today announces its latest discovery: Elvis Presley, the iconic “King of Rock” was, in fact, himself descended from kings of England.


“Through at least one of the known ancestral lines of Elvis’ grandmother, Minnie Mae (Hood) Presley, recorded history shows Elvis Aaron Presley to be a descendant of King Henry the 1st and William the Conqueror,” states Bruce H. Harrison, Millisecond’s CEO and co-founder of the Family Forest® Project.


Minnie Mae Hood, affectionately nicknamed “Dodger”, was the mother of Vernon Presley.  Following her death in 1980 at age 92 she was laid to rest next to Elvis’s grave in the Meditation Garden at Graceland. (Graceland is open to the public and is a major worldwide tourist destination located in Memphis, Tennessee.)


The Family Forest® discovery means that Lisa Marie Presley (Lockwood) and her 2 teenage children (daughter Riley and son Benjamin) as well as the twins that she and her husband Michael Lockwood are reported to now be expecting*, are also descended of an ancient royal lineage.  (*source: Star Magazine.)


Just as important as Elvis Presley’s royal heritage – “the King’s” unique kinship to tens of thousands of people alive today can now be calculated.  These calculations are based on the fully sourced knowledge within the Family Forest®.

“We have been working diligently for 12 years to develop this breakthrough technology,” states Harrison.  “Over 8 million lines of proprietary computer code can now be used in calculations of relationships that were, until now, never before possible.”


The Family Forest® opens new channels for exploring the deepest known realms of family histories.  It also provides several never before possible “ancestral marketing” applications.  This includes powerful ways for the entertainment industry to market Hollywood icons to both current and future generations via the connections of their genealogies.”


Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. expects to license its proprietary technology to companies interested in the promotion of Hollywood icons, like Elvis Presley, who along with hundreds of others, who already have their ancestries digitally linked within the Family Forest®.


The Family Forest® Project is an on-going, privately funded research effort based on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Over a year ago, it was first to announce the news that Senator Barack Obama’s mother’s ancestors positively established his relationship to at least four former U.S. Presidents, as well as the current vice president, and even the popular composer, Quincy Jones, Jr.


Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc., is the home of the Family Forest® Project, launched in 1995. The Family Forest® is A People-Centered Approach to History®, and the world’s most interconnected digital resource for exploring and teaching ancestral history. The company website is at http://www.FamilyForest.com



Bruce Harrison  808-883-8060

email:  familyforest@hawaiiantel.net


-End of Release-

Now for the “back story”.

The Family Forest Project  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Forest has a well-documented history from its inception in 1995 to today.  It is an important contributor to the world’s knowledge. It is an ongoing, academic endeavor headquartered on the “Big Island” of Hawaii. 

Its mission is to boldly explore and accurately link all of the earliest known reaches of our human family history.  Today, after 12 years of research, the Family Forest maps the known ancestral heritage of an estimated 2 billion people who are alive today. 

Discoveries, just like the one concerning Elvis, are presented from time to time to bring attention to the project, and, to illustrate some of the fundamental truths about the documented journeys of the DNA which we all share. 

What people do with information after being exposed to it – either choosing to accept it, or out of ignorance, or bigotry, choosing to refuse to accept specific realities which new information brings into focus – those are choices we all get to make. 


The co-founders of the Family Forest (TM) are Bruce and Kristine Harrison.

The Family Forest Project was launched in 1995.  Today, it stakes claim to being:

“The world’s most interconnected and easiest to use resource for discovering deep ancestral histories, computing known relationships and visually charting the paths of human migration extending back in time to the dawn of recorded history.”
There is much more to discover about the ironic Ancestral Journey of Elvis Presley (and his descendants).  Elvis’ story will be one of many hundreds of celebrity stories documented in the soon to be released “Hollywood Edition of The Family Forest”.
Notes:  Over the years we’ve seen how the documentation of much of the world’s ancestral history has been seriously muddled by inaccuracies that range from careless data entries to gross misinformation.   We’ve observed how it has been hidden hopelessly away within unprofessionally edited databases which usually allow (and often encourage) contributors to add a confusing duplication of names.
The fact is: much of our deep ancestral history has quite simply been lost, and, it is going to remain lost forever. Unfathomable numbers of ancient family records have been lost to the ravages of time and world events.  Wars, plagues and fires have destroyed (without discrimination) both the individual family records (often stored in the home and recorded in the family’s Bible) as well as the family history documents of entire communities.  
In parts of Europe for many centuries the community church buildings served as the primary storehouse of ancestral records. Here were kept the only written documentation of the weddings, the baptisms, and the burials held in ancient church cemeteries.  Over the course of hundreds of years, most of those ancient community churches, along with their irreplaceable family history records, have been destroyed – often by fires, sometimes by earthquake or, by acts of war.
In a unique and very important way, the Family Forest Project is helping to preserve what is left.
Moreover, what has been best preserved of the ancient records is that of the ruling class – the records for nobility and the royal families.  That is because the familial claims of royal families to their thrones power depended upon the documentation of those valuable birthrights.

Today, the painstaking research conducted by the Family Forest Project is precisely connecting the dots of the family histories that remain known.  With access to it, researchers can visually follow ancestral lines back in time to the point or points where they “tap” into that well-documented “pipeline” of royaly. 





That is what happened with Elvis Presley.  His ancestral story was like many others who also descended from kings.   They married, migrated in search of greater opportunities, or more freedom.  Some, like Elvis’ ancestors, descended into poverty. Elvis’ life story documents his rise from very humble beginnings.  How, Elvis, by using his great talent and charisma, grew over a period of decades to become recognized the world over as the “King of Rock.”  
In death, due in large part to the extraordinary vision and business acumen of his ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, “The King’s” reputation has been carefully preserved and carries forward through the work of Elvis Presley Enterprises and CKX, Inc.





















































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